Why TSI?

Choosing the wrong security company may have expensive consequences, which could RISK the safety of your staff, visitors, customers  and possibly impact your business! If the security guards actions or response to an incident is negligent, it could potentially cause expensive attorney and lawsuit expenses, serious insurance liabilities, and damage your Company’s image for years. To protect your investments and personnel, choose a security company without careless officer training, poor management, or any other negative qualities. Visit our FAQ page of useful tips.

Competitive Rates with quality and value 

True Security  is composed of a team  that embodies highly innovative administrative structures and many years of experience in the security and protection field. Because of our expertise, we are able to provide an excellent training for our security officers going beyond simple industry expectations, and provide an exemplary ethical business practice, so you receive quality at reasonable rates! We aim  to provide both,  valuable protection for your personnel, and benefit your business prosperity. Here are some of the facts about our company that will induce you to choose True Security Inc.:

INNOVATION:   We are constantly innovating and making efforts to provide you with the quality and pricing for affordable rates, without sacrificing service quality. We offer and implement a variety of leading edge technology to improve security and safety, while increasing convenience for our clients., Our Human Resources department is constantly updating information to comply with our customers needs. For more details about this, “Click Here” for “Officer Quality”, and we welcome you to contact us for more details.

ADMINISTRATION: True Security of Aurora administration office includes different  experience from diverse backgrounds that we apply to the security industry for better overall results, thus improving our services to our customers.  A business which lacks efficient administration, will create higher operating costs, then pass on the expense to You, or the quality of officer performance will suffer.

EXPERIENCE: Our experience in metro cities across America from Honolulu to New York City Metro in private security and law enforcement makes our company a very reliable selection when choosing a security officer  Our management staff has experienced the front line security positions and  a large variety of incidents and emergencies from violent assaults with weapons and firearms, minor to life threatening medical emergencies,  confidential  reporting and court testimony of the latter. We also have a background in construction, industrial, and hospital security, enabling us to feel very familiar with more specialized areas of security or safety concerns that apply.  Working in all types of people related environments, years of social work and counseling, has allowed the unique skills of public relations and customer service to assist your staff for your business success!

HIGHER EDUCATION and TRAINING: Aside from our safety and security guard experience, many  management personnel  have Bachelor of Science degrees in Criminal Justice, Economic and Business Administration, paralegal degrees, and P.O.S.T. certificates,        (Standard law enforcement academy training.) which enhances our qualifications to serve our clients. Formal school in social behavior studies,  directly help with our staff relations and special recruitment process. For more information, please refer to our profile page.

SELECTION and TRAINING: TSI is very demanding when selecting and training its security officers, to ensure an excellent professional service. This is an asset for you as well as for TSI. When new employees are not trained properly, it creates a need for more frequent replacement and the lower guard quality will over time reduce client service. This also increases liabilities and compromises on the safety and security of our clients. TSI recognizes the investment of this vital area, and pays close attention to our front line guards,” The foundation of our Corporation is rewarded and praised!” To inquire further,” Click Here” for “Officer Quality”.

ABOVE INDUSTRY STANDARDS: We make it a priority to make use of our education, experience, and skills to be above the industry standards of local regulations. For example, all security officers receive basic first aid/CPR training ( certifications available upon client request), advanced communications for mediation of potential violent threats, industry specific training and certification, customer service skills, and ALL security officers who are Armed, are pre-qualified according to State regulations, by certified NRA Range Masters at least annually or bi- annually on certain posts.We are always deeply concerned with firearms safety!

ETHICAL BUSINESS: More than just a simple security guard company, we exercise courage, respect, integrity, honesty,  professionalism, and confidence to increase our   quality service, and interpersonal skills; and this reflects in our business relations. We do not employ high pressure sales tactics with our .  TSI also contributes to non-profits organizations for the community success. For more information, please visit our Community Contributions   Page.clients
COST TO VALUE:We are very confident in the outstanding security services we provide.. We are so sure that you will be highly satisfied that our contract specifies that you may CANCEL within 24 hours notice, if unsatisfied.  Please visit our Special Price Offers for more savings, which include FREE security consultations. Furthermore, we are always on CALL, 24/7/365 with live operators waiting, (No Recordings.) to clarify your questions about your account or services, minor or major incidents, or Emergency response; this service is extremely cost effective, in case of an incident or emergency  after business hours. ” Protect and Serve!” is a main goal for True Security Inc.