Protecting Industrial Facilities

True Security of Aurora has extensive experience in the areas of safety and security in regards to industrial facilities. We know how important it is to reduce your liabilities, protect your profits, and increase productivity. A FREE consultation of your security needs, followed by a detailed list of special requirements is provided by our expert staff. Once you accept  our contract, we will issue a “ Post specific “draft detailing specific post orders for the Supervisor(s) and Officer(s) that will be designated to protect your industrial premise.

Aurora TSI Security Officers undergo training in first aid/CPR, fire safety, customer service skills, detection of dangerous or costly maintenance concerns, awareness of terrorist threat, and other required hazards; we also offer to have our Officers certified in any capacity you deem necessary for your needs, whether chemical, OSHA, or industrial hazards related to your facility.

Furthermore, going beyond security, we offer assisting in other daily tasks, such as: retrieving litter during patrols, light office work, answering telephones, loading or unloading items, light custodial duties, working together with your staff for the security and increased productivity of your facility.