Government Security

True Security of Aurora has decades of experience in Government security and is proficient in  the unique challenges that jeopardize safety and security concerns. With our diverse background, we have the necessary skills and training to provide criminal risk assessment, workplace violence deterrent, first aid/CPR, after business hours emergency response, on call 24/7/365, metal detector person or package searching, required secret clearances, maintain M.S.D.S., loss prevention skills, excellent public relations, required O.S.H.A. certifications, hazardous material detection, terrorist threat awareness, and fire safety.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of security for our Aurora clients at competitive rates, while assisting with non-security duties when possible. Some examples are: light office duties, loading or unloading equipment or supplies, light custodial work, answering telephones, reception, and more.

We offer escorting employees after business hours, unlocking and locking responsibilities, maintain employee or visitor logs, outdoor or interior perimeter patrol, and other required duties. We will gladly provide a free consultation of your security challenges and develop a plan that will contribute to the successful operation of your facility, building, or events in Aurora.