Construction Site Security

Construction site equipment is a theft and/or vandalism risk, while be assured, we will provide the required security and if requested, accountability of supplies and equipment. At your request, our staff will go beyond the standards of security to learn to identify any valuable or special equipment that is at risk. While allowing only authorized persons entrance according to your requirements to include checking I.D.’s. Also, the uniformed guard may search tool boxes and or containers of the workers. Both unarmed or armed guards are available with our company. We assess each construction site specifically for the best protection and safety concerns. Your site will be secure with us. Our services include short term  or long term accounts. We have 24/7 operators always ready to accommodate your needs for service or ask questions.

There are various security and safety concerns for construction sites, to include:

  • Know your local codes for safety and security requirements.
  • Implement a signing in and signing out procedure.
  • Use adequate lighting.
  • Use badges for authorized personnel on site.
  • Practice effective inventory management.
  • Ensure unauthorized people are prevented from accessing the site by securing and monitoring entry points.
  • Ensure authorized persons are fully inducted and understand the site security procedures and controls.
  • Ensure visitors are supervised at all times on site.
  • Question any person you suspect to be trespassing and escort them off site if they are not authorized, or call local Law Enforcement for assistance.
  • Ensure the site perimeter is secured with 2m high fencing to deter theft and or trespass and prevent access to children.
  • Lock access gates after normal working hours and any time the site is left unoccupied.
  • Take extra precautions if the site is left unoccupied over weekends or holidays, such as CCTV or security vehicle patrols if needed, (best if security vehicle is marked ‘SECURITY’ and has amber flashing light on roof).
  • Take extra precautions if the site is located in a heavily populated area or close to a school.
  • Take extra precautions if your site is within an occupied building such as a school or hospital, to segregate the work area from the adjacent land uses.
  • Remove access ladders from excavations and scaffolds out of hours.
  • Barrier off or cover excavations, pits and edges when out of use.
  • Immobilize all vehicles and plant when out of use and left unattended.
  • Lock vehicles and plant within a secure site compound and out of view if possible.
  • Power tools, materials and equipment that could be tempting to thieves and should be stored securely out of view.
  • Lock away hazardous substances within secure storage units designed for that purpose.
  • Ensure building materials are safely stacked and stored so that they can’t topple over.
  • Regularly check perimeter hoarding or fencing to ensure it is intact and secure.
  • Ensure safety signage warning of danger and ‘SECURITY’ is erected and maintained at the site boundaries.