Concierge Security

A Concierge Security TSI Officer would perform different responsible functions, and highly represent your Company business image as well. We offer a variety of security uniforms that you may select, including a blazer with tie, to meet the differing corporate needs to maintain your Company image. Additionally, at your request, we will provide a uniform type/color you desire, if our selection does not accommodate your needs. Customer Service skills, are extremely important for profitable relationships, and ALL our Officers receive this training to advance your Company’s prosperity, while concierge assigned TSI Officers have specialized training that is specific to your Company standards.

Reception of office personal requires continuous awareness of all authorized persons entering, exiting, or visible from the concierge area. We will provide any services you request including: Issuing a pass or badge to visitors or contractors, inspecting/searching bags or packages, maintaining log entries of personal, assistance with building/road directions, appropriate answering of the phone, light office duties as requested, and the proper response to any security concern. We are fully prepared to prevent unauthorized persons from entrance and mediate any situation warranted for the safety and security of your facility.

Our TSI Officers are also trained to provide: Maintenance defects awareness and reporting fire safety awareness, rapid contact of emergency service personal when needed ( EMS or Police.), possible first aid/CPR skills, safe evacuation if required, and any confrontation of individuals with criminal intentions. Our 24/7/365 availability in Aurora allows additional response to any incidents or welcome changes or additions you may have about your account.Our team is happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have. Be assured, our Officer(s) will provide quality service to exceed your expectations and contribute to your success!