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TSI employment opportunities.


We are always interested in recruiting applicants interested in providing the highest standards of safety and security for our community. Our management team has been serving various communities in security duty for over 25 years. We offer exceptional training and benefits for our employees, with competitive wages. Whether you have law enforcement , Armed Forces, private security Company experience, or no previous security experience, you may become a valuable part of our team. All employees are important and recognized, for the responsibility in the safety and security of the communities we protect.

Requirements: You will need to meet the following criteria: Any applicable licensing for local security guard employment, CBI background check with NO felony convictions, in case of any misdemeanor(s), then this will need to be approved based upon the circumstances, illegal drug testing, medical check up, an acceptable driving record, High school graduate degree or GED, possible completion of a basic general education written test including: English, social studies, math, and history, basic computer literacy test demonstrating word processing and writing skills, possible completion of a physical fitness test including: agility, strength, aerobic, and anaerobic fitness, a psychological examination, a personal character investigation, and a personal interview. Other employment requirements include: internet access, personal cell phone, reliable transportation with current vehicle liability insurance, and a positive motivation to provide safety, security, and other assigned duties for serving our clients and the public.

TSI is an equal opportunity employer.  We do not discriminate against race, gender, or religious affiliation, and we conform to local employment regulations.

Thank you for considering True Security Inc.