Aurora School Security Guards

Aurora Students & Staff of educational entities need to feel safe and protected to learn, teach, and work. True Security Supervisors and Security Guards are eager to contribute to this important goal. They excel in mediating any issues to prevent violence, handling a potential security concern for deterrence, provide First Aid or alerts to safety hazards, assist in an evacuation, or secure  order during a school event. Our Officers have extensive security experience and education to provide the best safety and security elements to respond to or deter any incidents.

Our security management team in Aurora has several backgrounds in behavioral education including a Bachelor of Science degree in economic & social administration, criminal justice, violence prevention courses, and years of counseling experience. This enables our management educate our guards for the special skills and awareness needed to respond or monitor at any Aurora educational entity and to ensure everyone’s safety. Our school security Guards interact if possible with students & staff and are trained to carefully observe behavioral signs, that could indicate possible substance abuse, mental depression, or potential violence; early detection and calculated information is key to a  successful safety & security prevention, then communication and/or response. Furthermore, we will provide a response strategy formulated specially for your Aurora educational entity.

We welcome any consultation to help secure your educational facility or provide special security training for your staff, to ensure a safer and more effective learning environment.