CCTV Security

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A cost productive value for safety and security                                                                             Security and safety needs are enhanced, when alarm systems and CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) will protect and conduct surveillance for your Aurora business. Combined with posting of warning signs, this provides a visible deterrent to possible criminal activity to your valuable investments and operations. Alarm/CCTV systems will potentially reduce or even cease the loss from theft, burglary, robbery, vandalism, or other unlawful activities. Also, a potential safety problem could be detected early to prevent costly repairs, damages, help prevent employee or customer injuries, and reduce liabilities that could reflect higher insurance premiums. Our clients rely on Alarm/CCTV to protect and monitor there stores, facilities, residential communities, employees, and customers. 

Remote Monitoring & Intrusion Systems                                                                                     From a PC, Laptop, or smartphone, you or your staff may monitor your business or residence remotely with the latest DVR or NVR tecnology. Motion detectors, glass break sensors, and sirens, that are integrated with the surveillance system increase the security, to provide early warning of intrusion or safety concerns. You may call us anytime to consult with you about an effective system for the protection of staff and property.

Legal and Court issues                                                                                                             Video surveillance proves vital when it comes to litigation against illegitimate claims and theft. Often CCTV surveillance proves to be the needed evidence that completes a case, because it’s extremely difficult to dispute evidence that is caught on video. In an Aurora Court of law,  CCTV systems can record to DVRs and be very cost effective, which may reduce expensive attorney fees or reliance on needed witness testimonies, which prolong costly legal proceedings.

With perimeter security, institutions like hospitals, companies with warehouses or large amounts of storage and outer areas, rely on Alarm/CCTV  systems to protect and monitor activity inside the location and the surrounding areas.  To deter criminal attempts, CCTV is an advance in technology that serves one’s security needs well, while securing areas that were once not secure.                           

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