Alarm Systems

Burglary alarm systems will help secure your business using the latest tecnology. These systems may both deter burglaries and dishonest staff from unauthorized areas during afterhours intrusions or employee visits after closing. Installing burglar alarms will help protect your financial investments, while preventing costly insurance claims or liabilities as well. We offer a variety of options and will gladly consult with you and/or design a system specific to your requirements; and we offer expert customer service both before and after installations.

This system functions with electronic magnetic door and/or window sensors at entry/exit points, interior motion detectors, and/or glass breaks, (that activate if windows are broken). After an intrusion, the wired, (or may be wireless) sensors activate the wall mounted alarm keypad to sound a single tone. Then within a short time, (30 seconds to 2 minutes, this time is adjustable) the alarm will activate 1 or more sirens to warn the intruder(s) or nearby witness’ of the intrusion! These intrusions can be detected through motion detectors and broken or completed circuits of surveillance. Motion detectors set inside your home can spot unauthorized visitors, while magnets at entry points like windows and doors maintain the completed circuit when the alarm system is active. Simultaneously, the activated alarm will dial pre-designated phone numbers of your choice through a central station monitoring operator. The designated numbers may be local Police, Private Security companies, fire department, EMS services, your personal phone or cell numbers, managers, and/or specific employees. After activation, the central station operator will call you and ask if this is a false alarm. If an actual alarm, then Police and/or security will be notified then respond to the premises to protect the property and/or staff on the there.

Often, the intruder(s) will hear the alarm/siren, then immediately leave, since they will risk confronting the Police or security and being arrested; thereby deterring any theft or other criminal actions.
The systems may function with landline, cell phones and/or be totally wireless. Also, additional keypads may be used in other rooms to control access for specific zoning of authorized staff; and, sensors may also be installed on safes for added security, (recommended).True Security Inc. will program the keypad(s) with your selected security code, used for you to arm or disarm the system for exit and. Entry.

True Security Inc. is an authorized dealer of API, a National central station monitoring company with over 20 years in business, using the latest technologies in electronic surveillance and monitoring of both alarm and video systems. We can monitor your alarm system with a month to month plan or extended account; you may visit our alarm monitoring page for further details and pricing.

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